Steve Bell - Harmonica

John Primer has known Steve and all his brothers way back when they were just kids growing up on the south-side of Chicago. John would visit their Dad, Carey Bell. Steve first joined the RDBB way back in 1996 and he even came to John's jam nights at Checkerboard Lounge before that. He is an Original RDBB Member.

Steve is a Master Harmonica player! His father, the Legendary Carey Bell taught him how to play harmonica. Steve and his brothers all grew up learning how to play the blues. His big brother is the Legendary Lurrie Bell and both his younger brothers Tyson Bell, bassist and James Bell, drummer complete the Bell Family Dynasty Band. 

Steve has come a long way with his sound. He has not only taken all that his father taught him, but has established his own very unique sound of his own He is like a blues harmonica train, so hold on tight he'll take you for a ride! 

Steve is our other headliner and brings another show to John's performances, but he compliments every little thing John does too. Together John and Steve are the BEST in the blues! No one can play together like these two. 

We love having Steve as part of our RDBB Family. We hope he stays with us for a long, long time to come. Come on out and meet Steve at one of our shows. We believe he is the BEST blues harmonica player in the world and we are so proud of him and everything he has achieved!

Lenny Media - Drummer

Lenny Media has been a Real Deal Blues Band Member since 2012. Before working in our band Lenny was a regular on the Chicago Blues Scene working with many different bands like Lindsey Alexander, James Armstrong, Studabaker John and many more. John really took noticed of Lenny and his style when he joined up with Magic Slim & The Teardrops back in 2008. John knew that after playing with Slim he was ready to play in the RDBB! 

His lump style and shuffles fit perfect. His energy and double beats are amazing! Lenny has been the heartbeat of our band and a very special person to us all for all these years. He just keeps getting better and better year after year and it's so great to watch. 

We love having Lenny as part of our Real Deal Blues Band Family. We hope he stays with us for a long, long time to come. 

Come on out and meet Lenny at one of our shows. We believe he is the BEST blues drummer in the world!

Danny O'Connor - Bassist

Danny or nickname "Smoke" started in the RDBB in 2016. Many of you should already know him. He is an amazing bassist, very talented and fits in perfectly with John's hard hitting Chicago blues style. His hard hitting, Chicago, funky-blues style really drives the band and pushes everyone forward. Danny came to the Real Deal Blues Band from Magic Slim & The Teardrops. He performed with the Magic Man for 6 years touring all over the world. He also worked with Johnny Drummer a few years before becoming a Teardrop. Danny also works with the Black Ensemble Theater in Chicago in their house band. This company focuses on Black-American culture through plays and musicals. He is a very important part of the band, reading and writing a lot of the music. He has been with them since 2013 and is still a very important part of their band today. For more information about the Black Ensemble Theater please go to:

Danny is a huge asset to us and we hope everyone can come out and meet him and enjoy what he brings to our show each and every night. We hope he stays in our Real Deal Blues Band Family for a very long time to come and we know he is the BEST blues bass player on the planet!

Ronnie Hicks - Keyboard

We also want to introduce everyone to our new keyboard player/singer, Ronnie Hicks. Ronnie joined the RDBB recently in 2017. He also performs with his Masheen Company Band with Kenny Hampton and Lester Holmes. Ronnie and Masheen Company played with Chicagoan Artie "Blues Boy" White for about 10 years and appeared on his CD's on the Ichiban Record Label. Masheen Company backed up the Chi-Lites, Chick Rogers, Z.Z. Hill, Little Milton, Albert King, Ruby Andrews, Cicero Blake, Bobby "Blue" Bland among many others. Ronnie was also Cicero Blake's Bandleader and opened up the show for such groups as the Ohio Players, Kool and The Gang, and the Emotions. Ronnie is the conductor in his band and a producer for his CD's as well as always helping others on the Chicago Blues scene. He met John at the famous Theresa's Lounge way back in the 70's and met up with him again at the Checkerboard Lounge. The "All For You" CD, on the Jam Baby Label is Ronnie's latest CD where all the songs were arranged and produced by him. Ronnie has a legendary Chicago soul, R&B voice along with a smooth Chicago Blues sound that totally compliments John in all the right places. 

We are thrilled to have Ronnie in our RDBB Family and hope he stays with us for a long time to come. If you haven't seen Ronnie perform with John and the RDBB please come on out and check him out.


John with Steve Bell, Ronnie Hicks, Lenny Media and Mike Scharf
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