2015 That Will Never Do

John Primer & The Real Deal Blues Band - Wolf Records

In 2015 John booked another tour to Europe, this time with his own band, The Real Deal Blues Band! Wolf Records recorded this LIVE in Germany. John played rhythm- and lead guitar together (yes John can do that). The Real Deal Band members on this CD are the best of the best in blues music today. BAND: Bill Lupkin on harmonica, Melvin Smith on bass and Lenny Media on drums. It was great to hear one of the last “Real Chicago Blues Bands” in Europe. SONGS 1) THAT WILL NEVER DO 2) MANNISH BOY 3) HOLD ME IN YOUR ARMS 4) FORTY DAYS & FORTY NIGHTS 5) YOU GONNA WRECK MY LIFE 6) CROSS MY HEART 7) SITTIN' HERE WAITIN' 8) CONFESSIN' THE BLUES 9) IT'S A SIN TO TELL A LIE 10) HUNGRY COUNTRY GIRL 11) DOWN IN THE BOTTOM 12) TAKE THE BITTER WITH THE SWEET 13) THE TIME HAS COME

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